2022 Halloween Arriving Announcement

Dear Customer,

Thanks for coming to cossuits.com.

Due to the Halloween is around the corner, processing the order and shipping it need time. We are sorry to inform you that we cannot guarantee the Halloween Arriving for the orders placed after Oct.14th. This will not affect the orders which are not for Halloween.

NOTICE: The order placed after Oct 14th and the use date is Oct cannot be guaranteed to arrive by Halloween. This will not affect the orders which are not for Halloween. if you have any question Please chat or email with us [email protected]

From the end of September to the beginning of October, we will mark some styles (super-complex styles that require a lot of manpower or long-time production cycle)as unable to be delivered before Halloween.

We will temporarily not be accepting any custom orders for Halloween after September 25th. If you have a demand for tailor-made size, please consider placing an order as appropriate before this deadline.

The bonding process between the EVA Soles and the 3D printed bodysuit a fixed time. We cannot shorten it by increasing manpower. In order to avoid delays in your Halloween order, We recommend that you do not add the option of EVA Soles to 3D printed bodysuit.

If you do need a costume for Halloween. Please check our Ready To Ship collection.

All Jumpsuit & Zentai Hot sale sizes are in stock Please check our Jumpsuit & Zentai collection. and ready for Halloween.

Order made after Oct.14th will also not arrive before Halloween so better order as soon as possible. And please choose fast shipping option.

All order after 14rd Oct will late for Halloween.

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Scarlet Witch series: https://www.cossuits.com/wandavision-costumes.html

Spiderman series: https://www.cossuits.com/spider-man-costumes.html

Genshin Impact series: https://www.cossuits.com/genshin-impact-costumes.html

If you have any questions about product lead times or delivery times, please contact our customer service. Our customer service email is: [email protected]

Thank you and enjoy your shopping!


Sep 10th 2022